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Fictitious Dishes: Memorable Meals in Famous Literature

23.04.2014 in Creative

(The Great Gatsby)

Famous fiction has yielded both delectable and disgusting meals. Designer and writer Dianah Fried prepares food that appears in some literary classics like To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee or Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. Read the rest of this entry →

Truth Facts // Infographics by Kind of Normal

17.04.2014 in Creative


Truth Facts is part of the comedy site Kind of Normal. Read the rest of this entry →

Avatar of orkhan

by orkhan

Back Side of Classic Albums’ Revealed

13.04.2014 in Creative


I present you a selection of works of designer Harvezt. Harvezt has created a series of pictures where he illustrated back sides of classic album covers. Read the rest of this entry →

Putin in the Political Satire series of Andrei Budaev

13.04.2014 in Creative


Andrei Budaev – Moscow based satirical artist. Andrei was born in 1963. He is a member of the Russian Union of Artists and started political satirism in 1995. Read the rest of this entry →

Portraits by Maia Flore

10.04.2014 in Creative


Photographer Maia Flore has created a series of “Big Head Poetry”, in which she makes portraits of girls where their faces are fully covered with hair. Read the rest of this entry →

A Tribute to Budgie: Food Illustrations by Anna Keville Joyce

08.04.2014 in Creative

A Tribute to Budgie
A series of plate illustrations entitled A Tribute to Budgie by Food Illustrator & Food Stylist Anna Keville Joyce.  The illustrations are made up of 100% food elements & are based on the interpretation of different birds, highlighting the unique humor in their design & physical characteristics.  Each food element used in the illustrations is shown around the plates to help explain the different colours, shapes & textures achieved.  Photography by Agustín Nieto. Read the rest of this entry →

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by orkhan

Animals in the Paris Metro

05.04.2014 in Creative


French photographer and digital artist Clarisse Rebotier presented a series of works called Animétro, which shows animals trapped in the Paris Metro… Read the rest of this entry →

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by orkhan

“Emoji-Nation” – Social Media Icons in Famous Paintings

03.04.2014 in Creative


Kiev based artist and illustrator Nastya Nudnik made ​​an ingenious series of works called “Emoji-Nation”, in which famous paintings combined with recognizable symbols of social media. Read the rest of this entry →

Illustrator and Photographer Justin Poulsen

03.04.2014 in Creative


Justin Poulsen – Canadian conceptual illustrator and photographer. Justin creates images of inanimate objects. Read the rest of this entry →

Breaking the Law – First-World Anarchists who don’t care about your Rules (24 Pictures)

20.03.2014 in Creative


The world relies on rules and regulations to run in an orderly fashion. But there’s a few people out there who are rebels. They won’t follow your rules – they’re their own masters. Read the rest of this entry →

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