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Bring The Cool Back Into Your Office

26.03.2014 in Design


Office establishments have always been viewed as dull and lifeless from the outside world, regardless of what may be going on inside. However, as most stereotypes nowadays, this one can also be easily dismissed – most modern office spaces are vibrant and full of life, as opposed to the stuffy way, in which they’re presented through media. Read the rest of this entry →

Handling The Interior Of An Office Space

20.03.2014 in Design


Interior design has never been an easy task, even though it’s often viewed as such. There are a lot of details that go into the design of a single room and if you’re a perfectionist or have an eye for detail, you’ll surely face some challenges along the way. It’s still debatable whether a home or business environment is more difficult to design as a whole, though the latter requires much more consideration towards others. Read the rest of this entry →

20 Strange Sculptures Around the World

17.03.2014 in Design


Sculptures or Statue usually created as a symbol. Around the world, monuments are built to pay tribute to an extraordinary life or to commemorate a special event. While many of these monuments are straightforward and easy to understand, some of them are rather strange. Often a result of sculptures being too creative, these strange monuments still carry a message with them or linked to particular events. A impressive giant sculptures is a pretty awesome way to commemorate something and make a public statement. Read the rest of this entry →

Illusionary 3D Bricks Puzzle Made of Paper Strips

16.03.2014 in Design

bricks1 Nendo inc. a Japan-based company specialising in product and exhibition design created the hyper realistic pseudo 3D bricks puzzle made of 2-dimensional paper strips. Using these 2-dimensional paper strips, people can create cubes and objects that appear to be three-dimensional by stacking tricolor tabs into visually deceptive arrangements.  Read the rest of this entry →

Avatar of mizo

by mizo

Wall clock “RE VINYL” by Pavel Sidorenko

06.03.2014 in Design


Re Vinyl is an upcycling product fashioned from old vinyl records. By altering the functions of used products for new uses, it effectively reduces the disposal of potentially useful materials and the consumption of new raw materials at once. Discreetly crafted on the theme of scenography or animal creatures, the collection comes in a variety of story-telling silhouettes while retaining the grooves and record labels reminiscent of the heydays of acoustic recordings.
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Everything is Ending by 3DN

24.02.2014 in Design


Everything is ending is an outdoor graphic intervention created by 3DN, Javier Jabalera, Pol Trias, and Julia Rosich. Check out the video below. Read the rest of this entry →

Mural That Will Freshen Up Your Room

18.02.2014 in Design


The furnishings and decoration of the room can be either a fun and interesting project or a real nightmare. And if you are short of ideas or time, then down the drain. These wallpapers can take you to Africa or in Paris, ascend over the night of New York, or even to show you the space. These wallpapers are not only very thin, but they also do not form folds, do not rush and do not scratch. According to the manufacturer, stick them is also very easy, because They have a solid basis for a sticky back. Is it really that looks good? Read the rest of this entry →

Melting Ceramics Collection by Livia Marin

08.02.2014 in Design


Nomad Patterns is a strange art collection designed by Chilean artist Livia Marin. Collection consists of pieces of ceramic: cups, vases and teapots. At the first glance, it seems a pure expression of destruction. Something like an act of dissolving a complex and unitary artwork. Naturally, after a brief analysis, one gets to understand the true significance of the alluring gesture of “damaging” the objects. The artist wanted to show that broken china can be beautiful and well, useful.  Read the rest of this entry →

The Perfect Additions To Your Dream Home

03.02.2014 in Design


Have you spent many hours wondering how does the perfect home look like? There’s no right answer. It’s only up to you what you’ll include in your dream house. However, here are some intriguing additions for every modern new home. Enjoy the sweetness. Read the rest of this entry →

Inspiring Posters with Design Quotes

01.02.2014 in Design


Design exits for as long as humans are on this planet. It is a very creative process and requires exceptional skills, talent and lots of hard work. Theultralinx have collected some of the most inspiring design quotes on creating, inventing, polishing and achieving success in design scene.

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