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12 Art & Design Documentaries You Should Watch

Banksy didn’t win an Academy Award, wasn’t spotted at the show and didn’t even bother to vandalize the Kodiak Theater restrooms – disappointing stuff, we know.   On a positive note, the hype surrounding his nomination brought attention to an often overlooked film genre, the documentary.  


Colorful umbrellas on the streets of Portugal

Extravaganza of colors, hovering over the heads of passers-by in the form of colorful domes of different sizes and colors, can be called a festival of Portuguese umbrellas, but art project is known under the romantic and gentle name of a Umbrella Sky.

20 Strange and Unique Window Furnishings

Window furnishings can be found in almost every home within the civilised world. Around the world, homes house generic blinds, curtains and shutters – a product that is often uninteresting and bland. Whilst they are essential, they shouldn’t have to be boring; artists and interior

Food Maps by Henry Hargreaves & Caitlin Levin

New Zealand artist Henry Hargreaves collaborated with stylist Caitlin Levin for “Food Maps” series. They were inspired by a passion of travel. So let’s explore the world through the food with this maps

Strange Sculptures by Lauren Satlowski

Though, artist Lauren Satlowski may work in various media and materials, she seems to have a very focused vision.  Whether painted or altered as sculptures, Satlowski often uses ceramic figurines as a foundation for her work.  Each seems to hover in an uncomfortable space between cute and