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20 Strange and Unique Window Furnishings

20.03.2014 in Different


Window furnishings can be found in almost every home within the civilised world. Around the world, homes house generic blinds, curtains and shutters – a product that is often uninteresting and bland. Whilst they are essential, they shouldn’t have to be boring; artists and interior designers from around the world often project their visions and ideas on to window coverings to enhance a projects appeal to a wider audience.  You will find an impressive range of artwork and innovation on window furnishings, here are some of the best: Read the rest of this entry →

Food Maps by Henry Hargreaves & Caitlin Levin

18.03.2014 in Creative


New Zealand artist Henry Hargreaves collaborated with stylist Caitlin Levin for “Food Maps” series. They were inspired by a passion of travel. So let’s explore the world through the food with this maps

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by mizo

Strange Sculptures by Lauren Satlowski

28.02.2014 in Art


Though, artist Lauren Satlowski may work in various media and materials, she seems to have a very focused vision.  Whether painted or altered as sculptures, Satlowski often uses ceramic figurines as a foundation for her work.  Each seems to hover in an uncomfortable space between cute and ugly.
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Photo-collages “Santa Classics” by Ed Wheeler

26.12.2013 in Creative


Santa Classics - is a series of photo-collages made by photographer Ed Wheeler. Dressed as Santa, photographer Ed Wheeler has artfully inserted himself into 11 masterworks that appeal to art lovers worldwide, with humor and a reverence for the originals. These whimsical cards are available now at the Philadelphia Museum of Art shop and online store.

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Drake Burnette for Vogue Germany

26.12.2013 in Fashion


American model Drake Burnette took part in colorful and bright art-photosession “Neo-Expressive” for January issue of Vogue Germany. The photographer was Sebastian Kim.
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“Truth and Lies” by Justin Barber

06.12.2013 in Design


Justin Barber was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Now he currently located in Atlanta, Georgia. Justin is a freelance graphic designer who specializes in branding and identity.

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Food-art by Jan Kornstaedt

04.12.2013 in Photography


Edible still lifes by German food-photographer Jan Kornstaedt. Jan. Works with famous brand such as BMW, Toyota, Nivea.

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Damien Hirst For Alexander McQueen

13.11.2013 in Fashion

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the skull scarf, Alexander McQueen presents an exclusive collaboration with Damien Hirst. More info and pics here. Read the rest of this entry →

Solstice and Equinox

09.11.2013 in Art

digital op art

abstract, geometric, spheric, sphere, optical, op art, digital op art,

Visual Artist, born in 1976 in Belgium, Charline Lancel lives and works in Brussels. Ever since she was a child, she showed an eye for beauty of colors and the harmony of shapes. Her photographic work consists of photo-manipulation, called digital Op Art. Minimalist in expression, It is characterized by harmonious compositions of abstract, geometric (linear or spheric) lines and motifs. Her universe is at once futuristic and a throwback to the aesthetics of the seventies. In 2007 Charline created a collection of matricial Abstract Compositions, filled with light and colors.
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by orkhan

Photographer Kevin Twomey

06.11.2013 in Photography


Kevin Twomey – is a photographer from New York. Studied photography at State University of New York. After several years of living in New York he moved to San Francisco, where opened his own photo studio. Sony, Lexus, Audi, Bacardi, Visa, Motorola and others are his customers. Read the rest of this entry →

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