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  • An illustrator Viktor Miller-Gausa from Russia is a gifted illustrator began doing caricatures as a bet from his friend and today has developed his talents to the point at which he captures real emotion in his fun […]

  • Brace yourselves… No, wait, that’s winter.

    But still, you need to prepare for the upcoming season, the fall is entering the house. So you’d better make sure the house is ready for that.

    There are a numbe […]

  • Max Polyakov is an ordinary man who had his own dreams and beliefs. Thanks to them and his focus on reaching for the aim, he managed to open his real estate agency Noosphere. Nowadays, he helps thousands of people […]

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    120 Best Wedding Registry Ideas Everyone Can Enjoy

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  • Connecticut based artist Kristen Meyer specializes in interior decorating, window design and prop styling. This mother of two kids handles to create the most satisfying parts of art by neatly organizing small […]

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  • Digital artist Margarita Zhitnik collaborated with art director Duck Knees to create these unbelievable mashups of iconic places for Expedia.

    “If you’ve watched Disney’s animated feature Big Hero 6, you are […]

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    20 Most Popular Bachelorette Party Games In 2018

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    20 Most Popular Bachelorette Party Games In 2018

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