FREEYORK is a platform for a creative consumer. We are a publication that celebrates creativity and innovation in all its forms. Our readers are young artists and creative consumers with immense spending power, who actively buy into products and services they read about in the magazine. They live and breathe art, design, architecture, photography, and travel.

The people who make up our audience have an insatiable appetite for new ideas that will inspire them to create their own work or purchase something new from someone else’s portfolio of creations. This makes us the perfect partner for any company looking to reach this demographic of influential creatives. And we do it at scale – over half a million monthly readers worldwide! 

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Monthly unique visitors

50k – 100k unique visitors

80k – 200k page views


60/40 – male/female

The median age is 29

Core readership 18-40


University-educated 90%

Postgrad degree 43%

60% live in the city centre