In Search of the Near Threatened Whiskered Pitta

Photo by Nashad Abdu on Unsplash

The Whiskered pitta is one of the beautiful pittas from the Pittidae family. It is endemic to Luzon area in the Philippines. Many have tried trekking in this area to photograph this beautiful bird. Only a few success stories.

My travel to the Philippines was mainly for the rare Whiskered Pitta. I got a news from my friend that currently there is a breeding pair of Whiskered pitta nesting high up in the mountains of Luzon. This was a good opportunity to photograph both male and female together. Since they are breeding they would be bold in nature, which makes it a good photographic opportunity.

In the Picture: Male Whiskered Pitta with bright red belly

I traveled all the way from India to Philippines and finally reached Luzon. I had to trek almost 3kms all the way to the top. It took me more than an hour to reach the habitat of this bird. I was accompanied by a guide. The forest was very thick and we can locate it only through its call.

In the Picture: Female Whiskered Pitta

We managed to locate the breeding pair and made some good photographs of both the male and the female bird. This breeding pair was so bold that one of the birds came and sat next to me. One of my great experiences in my birding career.

For more images of Birds Of Philippines, please have a look at the link below:

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