Meet Apricot: The Two-Faced Kitten

Meet Apricot, the unusual Tennessee-based cat who is half Ginger Tabby and Half Tortoiseshell. This striking little kitten has a two-toned face that looks like it could be merged into one from looking at her. And in fact, she was! Born with two sets of DNA thanks to fusing embryos inside her mother's womb back when they were still eggs. In other words: technically this adorable ginger tabby tortoise pied rescue kitty named apricot is really just 2 fraternal twin cats combined together which makes for an amazing story if you ask me.

Kiki was called by a family in Nashville who had found little Apricot and her brother Pretzel at their construction site. The family waited for mom to show up but she never did, so they contacted Kiki! Luckily the kittens were rescued from the project before it started or else there would have been no way out of that walled-off section of land where they're supposed to live until someone moves into their home later this year!

The two cats, Apricot and Pretzel, were accepted by the duo of Olive and Pickle. As soon as they had their own litters both mama cats immediately welcomed the new kittens into their family with no hesitation - despite currently caring for each other's young. The female cat named Olive will be nursing these newborns until they are strong enough to survive on their own while her partner Pickles watches over them lovingly in between eating all of that free tuna fish from when she was pregnant!

Apricot is a ginger tabby cat whose markings are like none other. She has been through so much in her short life that it would only make sense for this little one to find an amazing family who will love and care for him during his recovery process, which may take another five or six weeks according to Nashville Cat Rescue’s Instagram page.

Check out photos of Apricot below and keep an eye on Kiki’s Instagram for more updates.

The new kittens are so adorable! Check them out here, they're just too cute to handle. I'm sure you'll be following the kitties' adventures with all your heart from now on - every little step or misadventure is documented in detail by their hilarious mommy over toKiki’s Instagram for more updates.