The NYC Subway Banns Dogs Unless They Fit In Bags and This Happened

The Metropolitan Transit Authority of the New York allows pups to journey on the train under one problem - they must fit in their bag.

For individuals who don't own a chihuahua, this is sometimes a difficulty. How are you supposed to create your border collie most of the way uptown should they should fit in a purse?

That's precisely where this assortment of New Yorkers found their opportunity. In order to create their puppies subway prepared, these crafty people invented unique "bags" to carry their pups across the city on the train.

Here 's the point: the MTA never specified how large the puppy could be. The bag rule was only mentioned by them.

The bag situations are pure genius, and our favorite is undoubtedly the IKEA model, even though the bags are pretty hilarious too. Bravo!

h/t Refinery 29