6 Simple Ways to a Luxurious Living room -Interior decor

6 Simple Ways to a Luxurious Living room

6 Simple Ways to a Luxurious Living room -Interior decor

By the end of a long working day, you begin to daydream about your comfortable, secure home. For most people, the living room is the first room that greets you. Hence your living room’s décor, furniture, walls and colours can have an immense impact on your mood.
After working day in and day out, a luxurious setting to greet you is just what you deserve. So here are six easy tips to ensure your good mood every time you step into your home sweet home.

6 Simple Ways to a Luxurious Living room -Interior decor

Paint your world:

If you want to make your living room, appear luxurious it’s always wise to refrain from using dark and dull colours. Stick to whites and creams for your walls. Especially in smaller living rooms, lighter colours make your room appear larger and more spacious.

6 Simple Ways to a Luxurious Living room -Interior decor

Light it up:

A tiny detail like lighting can turn your mood around. Using yellowish bulbed lighting is most versatile as it can be placed in tall, stylish lamps or smaller side lamps on your coffee table. Dimmer lights make excellent mood setters. Change your outdated overhead lights and opt for wall sconces for an elegant, luxurious hotel feel.

A room without accessories would look empty and cold. So shake things up by adding artwork and mirrors to complete your room. These items need to be placed accordingly without making the room look cramped.

  • A collage of artwork on an empty wall makes a stylish display. You can place a large frame above the sofa set or even behind the bookshelf so that the subtle colours of the artwork can burst through.
    • A variation of this is a collage of mirrors. Mirrors reflect light and your surroundings creating more visual space. As props, they are extremely versatile and can be placed in different frame shapes. Floor-length mirrors or mirrors on cabinets are just a few ways to show off your versatility.
  • 6 Simple Ways to a Luxurious Living room -Interior decor


  • Furniture Fever

The placement of furniture is the most crucial part in a room. When guests enter your home, it is the elaborate sofa set that catches their eye at first glance.
Not everyone has a fancy home in the OC, California with a hallway and living room to decorate. For smaller living rooms, placing furniture with legs gives an airy, spacious feel. Another great method to create space is by wall mounting your items. Wall mounting a TV or bookshelves creates more visual space.
Use multi-purpose shelves or furniture instead of a coffee table. Avoid clutter when decorating smaller rooms because less is more.

6 Simple Ways to a Luxurious Living room -Interior decor

Curtain call

Draping your windows in neutral tones adds a sophisticated element to the living room. Use silks or other thin materials as curtain drapes. If using plain white gets monotonous, use creams and other pastel, neutral shades to keep the airy vibe going.

And the final touch…

Adding fluffy cushions and plants in a glass vase can make your living room come to life. That classic rug under your coffee table and wooden bowl beside books of your taste will help add personality to your room.
Why spend dollars on a luxurious hotel when you can live in it every day? So kick off your shoes, slump into that cosy couch and unwind luxuriously.

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