Home Goals & How To Have Them

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When it comes to where you live, it’s highly likely that you’ve got a lot of things in mind about what you want it to be. Because we all do. There’s nothing quite like feeling comfortable and content in your own home. And while that will definitely look different to us all, there is one thing that we will all have in common, and that’s having goals. Whether it’s a cozy cottage in the middle of the country or a huge modern apartment, you probably have a rough idea of what your house goals are. But now it’s time to get serious.

Because if you’re going to chase after the house of your dreams, you need to be able to know what it is and how you’re going to get it. And this can be so much more complicated than you first think. Actually thinking of ideas and creating goals in your mind is very different from staying focused and achieving them. So that’s what we’re going to get you to think about now. While the end goal of getting that house is often motivation enough to keep you on track, you’re going to want to work a little more on what the ‘what’ actually looks like. So here are five different areas you need to consider.

How You Want To Live

First of all, you need to be thinking about how you want to live. And while this may make you think about the lifestyle you envision for yourself, you’re going to need to be thinking about more than just that before you get started.

The Lifestyle

Your first thought has always got to be about the kind of life you want to lead. And while this may not feel all that relevant at this point, it couldn’t be more involved with this process. Because it’s going to determine how much you spend. While we’ll get to the cost in a short while, this idea is for you to think about whether you want to spend a lot of money on your home, so you can live somewhere incredible, or whether you want to spend as little as possible to free up more money for you to live with.

Renting Vs. Owning

From here, you’re then going to want to think about whether you want to buy or rent. This debate isn’t anything new, and while lots of people will always automatically say their dream is to buy, renting could be more suited to your lifestyle. But again, it’s something that only you can decide on.

The Cost

Finally, you’ve also got the cost to take into considerations. For this, using a home loan calculator will help. Because you’re going to need to work out how much you need to put down, as well as what sort of rates you could be looking at. Only then will you know what kind of home you can afford.

Where You Want To Live

Now that you’ve got a better idea of how you’re going to make this happen, and roughly what you’re aiming for, you then need to work out the where. This can sometimes be the hardest part of all.

The Location

Location, location, location – that’s what they say, right? Well, whether this is a deciding factor for you or not, you still need to decide on where to live. And this means you not only need to know the state (or, in some cases, even the country), but a rough idea on the town too. Again, this can often determine the cost too.

The Shortlist

You then need to have a shortlist of locations in mind. Even though these are your house goals and you’re perfectly within your rights to choose just one area, you should probably have a few in mind. Because you may not be able to find the right place in the area you love, and compromise will mean that you have to consider your second or third choice instead.

The Compromise

And this leads us nicely to the final point in this section, which is all about that compromise. Because you will need to work out how important location is to you. Because it’s very likely that, even if you have endless funds, you will need to compromise on your location for other requirements or vice versa.

What You Want To Live In

While not all of your choices are going to be limited to the three sort of areas we’ve outlined below, you do need to have some kind of idea about what you want to live in. So it’s time to start thinking.

A House

One of the most common kinds of ‘what’ you will live in is a house. So if this is something that you’ve always had in mind, and you’re pretty sold on that, you’re in a good position. But, you’re then going to want to consider whether that will be a townhouse or a cottage, or whether you’re happy to see what’s on the market at the time and go from there.

An Apartment

From here, you could also consider an apartment. And before you wonder why you could possibly choose an apartment over a house, in a city, this is pretty much standard. Because if you want to live in New York or another major city, living in an apartment is what you will be doing. Plus, even in smaller towns, you still have benefits of choosing an apartment over a house, especially if you’re yet to start a family.

A Modern Alternative

But, of course, you’re really not just limited to those two kinds of property. Because of these days, there’s so much more on offer. Not only are there so many different kinds of houses, but you could go for something like a barn conversion or even build something yourself. This can often be something that you add to your ultimate home goals list.

What Facilities You Need

Now, it’s on to the detail. Because sometimes, this can be quite difficult to coordinate with everything else that we’ve already covered. But, you still need to get your requirements in mind.


First of all, you’re going to want to think about the living space that you need. And this is often a huge part of the process. Because not only do you need your lounge space, bedrooms, and the kitchen, you may also need a dining space and even an outdoor living space too. No matter what your requirements may be, you need to list them and keep them in mind here, because it will determine the kind of place that you go for.


But living isn’t all, you’re also going to want to think about storage too. Because this is something that many of us forget about when we fall in love with a place, only to then realize that it doesn’t look quite how we imaged when everything we own is crammed into it. So you’re going to want to look into closet options as well as any basement, attic, or garage requirements that you have too. Practicality may seem boring, but it will get you those goals.


And then there are the fun and exciting extras that really make up your home calls. Yes, eating, relaxing, and sleeping spaces are required, but they’re not exactly fun. If you want space for a spa-style bathroom, a pool in the yard, or even a big driveway, add it all to the list. Because, again, if you don’t have it in mind, you won’t remember to look out for it.

How You’re Going To Decorate

Finally, it’s down to the fun part – decorating. Because we all know that this is the part that we all look forward to the most. But, it still needs some serious thought. So let’s get down to it.

Renovation Ideas

You’re really going to want to get your renovation ideas in mind. This is something that you should be mentally taking notes of during the process of looking for properties. Because again, for practicality reasons, if there’s a lot of work to do, it needs to be factored into the overall price.

Design Themes

Then, you’re going to want to get your mind around the kind of interiors style that you want to go for. Sometimes, you won’t actually be able to work this out until you have the house. This is because the place you move into will often choose the style for you, especially if it’s a certain kind of style itself. But, it’s always worth thinking about this now, just to give yourself a head start.


Last but certainly not least, you’re going to want to turn your attention to the outside for a bit. This is because your yard will make or break the overall finish of your property. So you should have some landscaping ideas in mind just so that you can see what it possible when you’re going through the process of bagging the house of your dreams.