How to Know if It’s Time to Change Your Mattress?

Everything has an expiry date and so do mattresses. It’s a downright mistake to keep using your mattress even after is has surpassed its life expectancy. If you continue to sleep in a mattress that’s now in a bad shape, then you run the risk of welcoming problems such as stress, fatigue and backache.

It is vital to know the right time to throw out your old mattress and get a new one. A problematic mattress may spoil your mood and ruin your entire day by running your sleep.

Here are signs that tell it’s about time to replace your mattress:

Waking Up In Pain

While there are many causes of a backache, one of the most common culprits can be your mattress. If you are required to stretch a few muscles before starting your day then your mattress can be the issue. According to try mattress – best rated mattresses there are different types of beds.

If the lower side of the spine often aches as you get out of bed, this may be because the mattress has given out and is not supporting the spine as it used to.

If your body sags into the mattress when you lie on it, then it’s because the comfort layers inside have matted down.

Body Impressions On The Mattress

If your mattress looks saggy and lumpy after you wake up then your mattress has lost its durability. Both spring and foam mattresses may leave body impressions when you exit. This is because the spring coil system and foam layers are matted down.


If you’re getting more sneezes than snoozes then your mattress has worn out and needs an immediate replacement. There are several materials present inside a mattress that make it up and gives it thickness. However, with time, these materials may wear out and spread allergens to the surface. Hence, you may catch an allergy or reaction if your mattress has been there for a long time.

Age Of The Mattress

Most mattresses only last between 5 to 8 years. In fact, after you’ve used a mattress for 5 years straight, you might feel that it’s not providing the same level of comfort and support that it offered a few years back. When constant pressure is exerted on the layers of a mattress, they give out with time and their breaking point is reached.

If your mattress has survived for at least 6 to 8 years then it’s time to buy a new one so that your health isn’t to put at risk.

Tossing, Turning And Creaking

In case of spring mattresses, it’s common to deal with a creaking sound every time your turn, get up or get in. That’s because the spring coils are damaged and the annoying sound keeps you from getting a good night’s sleep.

If you hear such noises or find it difficult to find a good position to sleep in, then it is time to change your mattress.

The Verdict

Waste no time in getting yourself a new mattress if you need one. However, make sure to pick a reliable seller like Latex Bear so that you have no issues with your new purchase.