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Innovations changing the shape of property development

With advances in property technology ever-growing, it can be hard to differentiate between the good, the bad, and the fad. However, when a new and successful innovation becomes accessible, it can revolutionize the way we view traditional property development. Both short and long-term, new property innovations can save time and money whilst increasing profitability for your business. This article highlights two products that are quickly becoming the most popular in the property development sector and explains how they can help enhance the efficiency of your property development, both now and in the future. 

Dry ridge and hip kit 

The rise in alternative building solutions is forever evolving. In the UK especially, the desire for construction equipment that can be used in all weathers is desirable. An example of how a piece of equipment can do just that is a dry ridge and hip system, such as a Ridge&Hip, offering an innovative alternative to traditional installation methods requiring sand and mortar. The three main benefits of a dry hip system are: 

Convenience – It is much easier, quicker, and safer to install. There is no need to point the ridge or use mortar at all. 

Ventilation – It avoids condensation and the roof timbers sweating.

Less maintenance – With older roofs you may find that over time the sand and cement/pointing begin to fall out, meaning you would have to eventually re-point the ridge. Also, with the old system, you may need to re-seat the ridge tiles over time when they come loose on the mortar, whereas the dry ridge and hip system solve both problems. 

Metal studs 

In construction, the two most popular material choices for building internal walls are timber studs and metal studs. Primarily used as components in steel frame systems, metal studs offer much greater long-term benefits than timber walls and these are just some of the reasons why:

Price – metal stud framing is much more cost effective than that of its timber counterpart.

Durability – The strength and stability of metal studs is a huge reason for its popularity. Metal does not deteriorate under pressure, it is not prone to warping or rotting, which means it is suitable for bearing heavy loads. This means that if metal studs are used, the long-term structural integrity of your property will be sound.

Pre-made holes for utilities – If you want to run a pipe or wire through timber studs, you must drill holes all the way through, not only does this weaken the wood but it is also very time-consuming. Whereas metal studs already have holes in, meaning you can run all your utilities through it without weakening it, saving yourself a lot of time in the present and future.