An Artist Uses Stitches To Create Embroidery Family Homes

If you have ever picked up an embroidery publication, you understand that we have a ton stitch possibilities. Theresa Lawson of The Monsters Lounge blends woven stitches, French knots, applique, and more to create embroidered houses that people love. From pragmatic to complicated stitches meant to dazzle, they collectively create visually stunning pieces. The likenesses are incredibly tactile, which is by far my favorite section of Theresa's work. In displaying each one of these different methods, she is showing that hoop art can be sculptural--and in these family homes, it feels most appropriate.

Since her work is so comprehensive, Theresa takes commissions for houses twice a year through her newsletter. She also sells other miscellaneous work via Etsy. And if you are a tenant like me, you are able to follow together with her goggles through Instagram.

Theresa Lawson of The Monsters Lounge unites many different stitches to construct embroidered houses.