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Artist Paints Ghostly Portraits on Layers of Netting

Thai artist Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew draws portraits on layers of delicate netting or tulle, deftly creating an analog 3D effect with subjects who appear to be sitting in chairs or lying down on beds. When circling the paintings they change, shifting form depending on the viewer’s distance and location to the piece.

Nimmalaikaew first learned the technique while a student at Silpakorn University in Bangkok after a stray speck of paint arrived on a mosquito net in his studio. Witnessing the dimensionality the surface provided the paint, he began to explore new ways in which to paint on the useful material.

For each piece, Nimmalaikaew begins with a digital drawing which he then prints life-size to define the subject’s form and texture. He then starts to paint the layers of oil paint in a style that he calls “tulle-painting style.”

via Booooooom