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Microcosm Through the Microscope: Everyday Things That Look Totally Different Under A Microscope

All the common objects are kinda boring when you look at them, but the situation changes when an awesome Electron Microscope comes on the scene. A scanning electron microscope (SEM) is a type of electron micrograph that makes images of a sample by scanning it with a focused beam of electrons. These are the most amazing images of what is too small to see with the naked eye.


9699960-R3L8T8D-650-5Ground black pepper


9699910-R3L8T8D-650-14Fusion razor blade with teflon coating


9700110-R3L8T8D-650-15Mustache Whiskers

9700160-R3L8T8D-650-2White Sugar


9700260-R3L8T8D-650-16Cut Hair

9700310-R3L8T8D-650-17Surface of the old penny

9700360-R3L8T8D-650-8Ball point pen

9700410-R3L8T8D-650-19A fruit fly

9700460-R3L8T8D-650-1Nylon Stockings

9700510-R3L8T8D-650-6Coffee grounds

9700560-R3L8T8D-650-10A staple through paper

9700610-R3L8T8D-650-11Flower pollen


9700710-R3L8T8D-650-23Woven fabric

9700760-R3L8T8D-650-9Printed paper

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