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“REFLECTERE” by Andrea Ho Posani & Flora Stich

Andrea Ho Posani and Flora Stich (The Desk – Art Contemporain) have been working closely together on artistic projects for two years. Andrea is known for her drawings and mural paintings. Flora who is specialized in outdoor installations wanted to present Andrea’s painting within a 3D installation. This is how the idea of a module, drawn by the artist, with « dibond » mirror panels, was born. Flora which to present this project in a natural landscape so Andrea could paint on it and interact with the refection of the surrounding nature. It is a way to create links between the architectural style of Andrea and the natural creation.
Trained as an architect at the Central University of Venezuela, and with art studies at l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux, France, she alternated the practice of architecture with a strong dedication to design and illustration.
Andrea also worked as set designer for films in Venezuela and France. For the last ten years, she was devoted to illustration, not only by using traditional techniques on small format artworks but also on large-scale murals in ways that may affect the meaning of architectural spaces.
Flora created The Desk – Art Contemporain 3 years ago to present outdoor installations, live performances, and artistic workshops. She is a mix between an agent and a curator and loves to create new concepts to interact with the public.
Her purpose is to take art and artists outside of the white space and surprise people by taking action in unusual spaces. It is her way to involve people who are not used to art and thus strengthen social links.

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