The Next-Generation Exhibiting Approach of VIP Art Fair

Photo by Deanna J on Unsplash


VIP Art Fair is the online exhibition of art founded by James and Jane Cohan in 2010. This art fair has taken the concept of art exhibition and sale to the online realm. With the two fairs in 2011 and 2012, it has made an impact on the status and standards of exhibiting. The VIP exhibition is an art market which showcases and sells art exclusively online. The first fair in 2011 came with both good as well as adverse outcomes. In the first fair, since the exhibition was solely online, at peak time the services of the fair slowed down significantly. Attention was brought to the shortcomings, and the technical team was revised and improved with the hiring of Severin Andrieu-Delille as the head. Keeping aside the gaps the art fair still brought over 40,000 visitors. The featuring included mostly contemporary art galleries from 30 countries that consisted of works from over 2,200 artists.

The second fair in 2012, brought a lot of technological advancements into the site. The art display was incorporated with some of the famous social networking sites, and the site now supports various web browsers and operating systems. Cloud computing and chat function were also included to provide an improved experience at the VIP Art Fair.

The VIP Art Fair brought about a revolutionary concept in the art displaying realm. This had a few loopholes initially, especially in its technical segment. The online exhibition has however brought tremendous positive feedback as well, showing future potential. The primary matter comes as to how it is a better idea than the usual exhibiting system. If we delve deep, there are numerous such advantages from the VIP Art Fair, but there are specific significant benefits that overshadow the others.

Cloud Technology and Online Benefit

With cloud technology, numerous users from any part of the world can access the fair on the cloud-based site. It helps the procedure of buying and selling with personalized access and chatting facilities. The site helped the art exhibiting culture to cast itself in the online platform. With this people can easily access, browse, search and buy the art pieces from a vast array of artist around the world. This is an essential function displayed on the VIP Art Fair Official website.

Quantity Factor

Along with quality many art exhibitions or fairs fail in the matter of quantity. This drawback has been fulfilled through this particular online fair. Through online exhibiting more art pieces from an increased number of artists from multiple countries can be displayed. It will also reach a lot of visitors as it is now connected to the social networking sites where people can also share their experience. This will result in more sales and eventually result in higher success for the fair. The resultant effect would be the advancement of the art and culture.

Sales and Exposure

The exposure in the VIP Art Fair is undoubtedly more than other forms of art display with the help of the internet. It reaches out to a lot more visitors into the site and adding to that there is always the factor of referral marketing. This brings the attention of an increased number of people towards the art of the various talented artists. There is also an increase in buyers of the art and this leads to higher profits.

Elevate the Culture of Art

With the busy lifestyle of most people today, the world has a certain disconnection with the art and heritage factor of life. People are too busy and involved to travel to an art exhibition. When the art exhibition is at the tip of the fingers, there is a distinct possibility for an increased audience. This helps in inculcating the appreciation of art among people.

We can deduce that the VIP Art Fair has brought about a certain beneficiary factor for art in the modern times. It has many benefits to the art and cultural trail.