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The Evolution of Batman’s Rides: From the Batpod to His Own Set of Wheels

It’s incredible to think that it’s been over a decade since the first Batpod was introduced in The Dark Knight. Batman has always been known for his impressive rides, and the Batpod was no exception. This tank-like contraption had tread wheels that allowed Batman to move quickly and stealthily through the city streets. Christopher Nolan‘s Tumbler Batmobile, which was heavily militarized for the right reasons, serves as a good example. The Tumbler’s escape pod, which was integrated into the Batpod (yes, the Batpod), was no less extraordinary. So why shouldn’t the future Batpod two-wheeler be militarized for added excitement?
Designer: Fang E

While Matt Reeves claims that the upcoming “The Batman” film, which will be released on March 4, 2022, will have a more realistic approach for the Batmobile and Batcave, I’d want to see a Batpod with tank treads. This is the same one that was shown in the photo. Fang E (aka. Fang Yi) has created yet another digital masterpiece that is an excellent match for Matt’s redesigned Batcave. He has hinted it will feature the next Batman—inside New York City’s underground subterranean railway, which exists right beneath our feet.

The P.64 Lancehead was renamed after it was born, and it has that distinct Batman vibe. For fans of the vigilante, the sharp appearance and Batman-like drape on all sides are off the charts fantastic. Based on the concept vehicle, it’s likely to be powered by an electric gas turbine engine, which would produce a deep sound that matches Batman’s demeanor. The bike could be the ideal partner for overhauling the dark personality of the hero who’s spent all these years alone. The cycle may be a great companion in reinventing this loner superhero with its many color choices. Just consider Batman riding this innovative machine in blue and yellow or plain orange skin!