How to Choose the Best Country to set up a New Company?

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Legislation and practices regarding companies and businesses may differ from country to country. Therefore, the right country must be selected for setting up a new business so that everything goes smoothly. But how should one do that? In the rest of our article, you can find the answer to the question of how to choose the best country to set up a new company.

Things to Know Initially

Every year, thousands of entrepreneurs are interested in entering markets in different countries, and a significant number of them realize these dreams. Although setting up a company in a different country provides great opportunities, not knowing the conditions of the country to be invested in makes it scary. However, when this fear is overcome and progressed in a principled way, success comes naturally. At this point, there are some important factors that entrepreneurs should know. These are:

·        First try to measure the level of saturation in different markets. For this, it will be sufficient to examine the level of competitiveness, market size, market situation, and content usage.

·        Examine the demand fluctuations in the markets in detail. For this, Google trends will give you important insight.

·        Consider the investment cost, taxes in that country, and similar details.

We can easily say that the choice you make by considering the above issues will provide advantages in reducing the risk in your business.

Legal Procedures

Opening a company and investing in a different country is an extremely attractive idea. However, for this idea to be implemented smoothly, one has to have full knowledge of the legislation in the target country. It is extremely important to consider things such as the qualifications that foreigners should have to set up a company in that country, the fees they have to pay, and the tax rates.

Recently, countries have been providing different facilities for foreigners to attract foreign capital and entrepreneurs. Foreign entrepreneurs are tried to be persuaded, sometimes by seriously lowering tax rates, sometimes by giving incentives, and sometimes with different facilities. This means you should examine such facilities of the countries where you are planning to set up a company. By knowing these issues, you can develop your business further.

The 5 Most Ideal Countries to Invest

Considering the above information, the most attractive countries to set up a company can be listed as follows:

New Zealand

New Zealand which is discreet but one of the most livable countries in the world attracts entrepreneurs who want to set up a company. The crime rate in the country is extremely low. The social structure with a high level of education positively affects many areas. The economy is one of these areas.

Having a gross domestic product of over 200 billion USD, it is obvious that New Zealand is economically advanced compared to many countries in the world. Setting up a company in such a large economy will provide different advantages.

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Hong Kong

China is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. It would not be wrong to say that the way to enter China economically is through Hong Kong. The size of the Hong Kong economy, which offers many different opportunities for entrepreneurs, is more than USD 360 billion and its growth rate is high.

If you set up a company here, you will experience a serious convenience in accessing capital. There is a highly educated workforce and the technological infrastructure is highly developed. Besides, there are different facilities offered by the legal conditions for foreign investors.

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Singapore is one of the options that come to mind when we talk about the richest countries in the world. Its economy is extremely secure and grows steadily. It does not involve great risks for investors and the possibility of winning is high when the market rules are followed. It stands out with its cheap production, strong international relations, and favorable tax level.

Singapore's economic size is more than 360 billion USD and is growing more and more each year.


Estonia, one of the Baltic countries, has recently attracted the attention of entrepreneurs. Estonia has an economy of more than 30 billion USD. It may seem behind many countries. However, the facilities it provides to entrepreneurs and the large markets around it make this country advantageous in terms of setting up a company.


Latvia is one of the countries where setting up a company is extremely easy. For those wondering how to set up a company in Latvia, we can say this. A company can be established online in just 5 minutes. Latvia, an EU country, grants residency rights for some investments. In this way, a serious advantage is obtained, such as the right to free movement within the EU.

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The size of the Latvian economy is around 35 billion USD. There are different advantages in tax and legal transactions for foreign investors. With the investments to be made here, it is possible to open up to the EU, Russia, and Scandinavian markets.