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Dog portraits by Ralph Hargarten


I studied Economics and Computer Programming before I decided to go back to my passion, photography.  I started with an internship at a still-life photographer. After learning the basics of camera technique and lighting, I decided I want to capture people and their emotions in my future work. With 3 years of assisting in Düsseldorf and Miami, I decided it was time to start my own business in Düsseldorf.  4 years later I moved to Hamburg, the perfect spot in Germany for photography and the one city in Germany I have always loved. Much time has passed but I’m still there.

Over the years I have worked for clients all over the world. I have shot in the photographic capitals of New York, London, Paris, Berlin, and Milan and also on location in Germany, USA, Australia, China, Brasil, England, France, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Bali and last, but not least, in the country my heart belongs to, South Africa.  Wherever I visit – even on vacation – my camera is my constant companion.
Feel free to browse my website. Discover photographs from all over the world, read my diary, or screen my client list.. “

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