Fragile Sculptures Formed From Synthetic Fabric by Mariko Kusumoto

Japanese artist Mariko Kusumoto uses transparent fabric to create balloon-like objects, orbs that include various forms trapped within their soft exterior. The creations inside range from miniature versions of the spherical sculptures to sea creatures and cars, whimsical forms that fit the bright colors Kusumoto chooses for her works. To set the polyester fabric into the shapes, she seeks she heats the pieces to the right temperature, allowing the material to memorize the form she wishes to create. These works are then molded into sculptural or wearable objects, 3D jewelry that can be worn around the neck.

“My work reflects various, observable phenomena that stimulate my mind and senses; they can be natural or man-made,” said Kusumoto in her artist announcement. ” I ‘reorganize’ them into a new presentation that can be described as surreal, amusing, graceful, or unexpected.”









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