Furniture Designed to Double As Bike Rack To Save Space In Tiny Apartments

Parking a bicycle outside is routine, but what do you do if you reside in a small flat? Buy some furniture that increases as a bicycle rack! Designed by Manuel Rossel, these furnitures look like modern furniture but for the slots cut out on top. You put your bicycles wheels on them and presto – it’s both a contemporary art installation and a way to keep your bicycle together with you books, CDs, souvenirs and porcelain cats.

Manuel Rossel is a Chilean designer, and this furniture line is only currently available in Chile.

“People who drive lose all the benefits of physical activity,” Rossel told Fast Company. “Biking also leads to economic savings and helps the congestion and decontamination of cities.”

He hopes that placing bicycles in the living room will be a visible reminder of the benefits of two-wheeled transportation.


Via mymodernmet