The ‘Seaseekers’ Mask Lets You Use Snapchat from Underwater

Whether you're casual snorkeler or a deep-sea diver, getting what you see submerged on camera a part of the enjoyment. Now, as a result of the ocean seekers underwater dot chat masks, it is possible to forget that your GoPro or underwater camera in favor of a neat little set of dot spectacles, that document precisely what you see with your eyes when swimming underwater. The sea hunters mask been specially designed to utilize snap inc's spectacles, waterproofing the quirky replaceable technology to enable you to live stream photographs and videos in depths of around 150 feet.

The wearer may slot their spectacles in and from their goggles, which makes it feasible to utilize a single set of specs to both ocean and land. Even though a lot of individuals yield inferior results when shooting photographs underwater because of an unsteady camera while swimming, the ocean seekers goggles make certain that you are able to capture exactly what you see with your eyes.

'The ocean seekers will allow all adventure-seekers to acquire a front-row bench to the exciting adventures discovered underwater in a means that has not ever been possible before,' describes Jim Berra, chief marketing officer at Royal Caribbean International. 'Snapchat is still a favorite channel for curious travelers and will be the perfect platform for this particular first-of-its-kind undersea exploration.'

The ocean seekers goggles are now being used for the cruise business on a set of dives in Mexico. The mask is used by three famous divers, such as Ashleigh Baird, who's used them to catch the fantastic blue hole, a submerged sinkhole that's thought to be the biggest of its type. The adventures happen to be live streamed into the @RoyalCarribean account, within the #SeekDeeper effort. On seeing the striking outcomes, Royal Caribbean has also made a decision to submit an application for a patent to the ocean seekers mask. Regrettably, the technology is only going to be initially available for their guests, but here is to hoping it gets widely available shortly.