Use These Amazing Design Principles to Transform Your Homes

Not everyone can or wishes to hire interior decorators to design their living space. However, designing your home is not as much of a herculean task as it seems to be. You need not be an interior decorator or have a keen eye for designing to be able to make your home look presentable. Applying some basic principles goes a long way in giving you a house that looks styled by the experts. Here are a few ways to get you going on the path of decorating your abode.

Design around the focal point of your room

A focal point in a room can be anything towards which the eyes are naturally attracted to, for instance, a large window or a fireplace. From artwork to colors, everything about the room should be directed towards complimenting the focal point of the room. If your room does not have an in-built focal point, try to make one in the form of painting a wall in a striking color, hanging a large mirror, or putting in a statement piece of furniture. The main color of this focal point of the room should be reflected in various elements spread throughout the room.

Understand the basic rules of measurement

When it comes to placing your furniture, just making an eye estimation of the space is never enough. According to Bathrooms 365, the specific measurements are the key to making your room look organized and elegant. Put a distance of at least 16-18” between the sofas and the coffee table. Art or pictures on the wall should be hanging at eye level, i.e., 55-60” from the floor. In case of hanging multiple pictures, keep the picture at the center at this level. Mount curtain rods 4” atop the windows and let 1-3 inches of overlap of curtains on either side of the windows.

Letting the negative space shine through

Negative space refers to an area that is not occupied by any subject, like a wall or a corner of the room. It might feel tempting to fill every nook and cranny with stuff, but that will just end up making your rooms look cluttered. Let the negative space shine through by keeping it as it is. Negative spaces can serve a purpose by making certain decorated areas near it shine through. It’s not like you need to remove things from one place to create empty spaces. It is more about spotting the places and corners that look great especially when they are empty.

Use of clever lighting to accentuate any space

There are three basic kinds of lighting, ambient, accent, and task. The ambient lights are for general lighting, and it is about those overhead lights that illuminate entire rooms. Accent lights are for highlighting certain objects, for instance, the small LED lights you see atop paintings. The task lights are fitted to aid in specific tasks, and reading lights are the best examples of task lighting. You are going to need all of these types of lighting in your home. Decide which light should go where depending on the function of that particular light.

These basic guidelines should be a big help in getting you started on the decorations of your room. However, these are just ideas, and the final decisions must be taken according to your tastes and preferences.