Aditya Aryanto

Aditya Aryanto, an Indonesian talent with a unique vision, has gifted the world with a series of whimsical imagery where animals are reimagined as spherical forms, showcasing a blend of the natural and the surreal.

The Genesis of a Digital Virtuoso

Aditya Aryanto entered the world in 1996, in the town of Purwokerto, Indonesia. His journey is not one of formal training but of self-discovery and passion-driven learning. It was in the year 2014 when social connections sparked his interest in digital imaging, especially through the lens of Instagram. Friends and fellow enthusiasts played a pivotal role, influencing him to dive into the digital realm.

As he ventured deeper, Aditya’s inherent creativity found a new canvas in the digital world. What started as playful experimentation soon evolved into an irresistible calling. Despite his color blindness—a challenge that might deter many—Aditya’s resolve only grew stronger.

The Struggle and Rise to Professionalism

Aditya's aspiration to excel in the design industry was met with resistance and skepticism. However, his tenacity never wavered. The transformative moment came when a photographer, recognizing his potential, offered him an editorial position. Seizing the opportunity, Aditya relocated to Jakarta, marking the start of a significant chapter in his career.

Jakarta not only became his new home but also a place of professional growth. Here, he fine-tuned his skills as a photo editor, joining forces with a wedding organizer business that valued his artistic touch. Aditya's initial pastime of editing photos on a whim, using simple gadget applications, blossomed into a full-fledged vocation.

The Birth of Anicube

Aditya’s signature series, Anicube, is where his artistry truly shines. He transforms familiar animal visages into cube-shaped figures, infusing his work with a box-themed motif that has become his hallmark. This novel approach gives a fresh perspective to the animal kingdom, inviting viewers to witness the charm of deers, dogs, fishes, and squirrels, all portrayed in an unconventional boxy representation.

In summary, Aditya Aryanto's artistic odyssey is a testament to the strength of human spirit and the boundless possibilities of imagination. His digital masterpieces are not just a feast for the eyes, but a beacon of inspiration, symbolizing that passion, coupled with resilience, can indeed reshape adversity into triumph.

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