Adventure Time

Adventure Time is a post-apocalyptic land of Ooo, where the adventures of Finn and Jake take place. The two live in this strange area with their friends from different tribes like Princesses or anthropomorphic animals; they must protect it using swords made out paper for some reason?

In any case there have been many episodes about these guys fighting against monsters who want nothing more than chaos so maybe give them your time slot!

Here we see an example of Finn and Jake in the forest, where my friends and I found they liked to play video games before. They kept talking about turn-based combat or something so my friend Dave went over there to invite them to our weekly D&D sessions instead. When he got there, however, they were both already playing World of Warcraft. We had to get him out before he said anything embarrassing though, or else they would have smelled the stench of nerd wafting around him and not invited us to game night ever again…

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