brown wooden attic

Attics are a strange and often unexplored place in many homes. They’re usually the space between your house‘s ceiling, which is where you sleep at night when it rains outside or snows heavily enough that plowing isn’t an option and the slanted roof of your home – also known as “the sky”. One thing to mention about attics is they can be difficult places due to their awkward shapes with exposed rafters for people who don’t know how high off of ground level one needs to climb if they want more than just basic maintenance done on them.
Because attics can be somewhat of an afterthought in terms of home upkeep, it’s not unheard of for any number of problems to arise there, including roof leaks (which can end up ruining furniture or electrical wires if not treated properly), excessive mold growth leading to respiratory issues, or pests such as rats and squirrels who could leave behind droppings that lead to infection when you try to walk around barefoot on a carpeted floor near the attic entrance that leads downstairs into your living space.
An attic is also a place where you can’t really tell day from night or vice versa, seeing as how it’s dark in there almost all the time. In fact, if the attic space were its own room, it’d be called a “closet”.
TIP: If your attic does start to flood because of a roof leak and you don’t notice it, never ever use an attic closet for storing priceless heirlooms or even household items worth more than $20. Why? Because wet objects grow mold, thus ruining any cloth-related item like clothing and bedsheets that would otherwise be ruined by water. And since attic closets are usually very small (or even not at all), they take up most of their attic space and are often unusable for storing attic items after water-related damage.
If you have a lot of attic storage space and it’s about to flood, pack up all of your stuff into large plastic bins or even moving boxes if need be and move them down to the main floor. If you can’t get everything out in time, make sure your most valuable attic items are covered by waterproof trash bags as a last resort.

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