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Creativity is the driving force behind any act of creation, whether it be a joke or an invention. Creativity can range from intelligence to sheer stupidity; but regardless of creativity’s quality, its existence has immense value in this world and should not go unnoticed by anyone!

Creativity refers to the phenomenon whereby something new that has subjective value (such as jokes) are created with inspiration stemming from cognition and intelligence rather than solely boredom like some people might think. The best part of this definition is that any act of creation, from a painting to an invention can be considered creative.

Creative people are generally seen as intelligent with quick minds and sharp senses. On the contrary, not all “stupid” people are without creativity, even though their sense of humor might be lacking or their intelligence questionable (although whether this is the case isn’t entirely relevant here). Creativity has been proven to be beneficial in many ways, especially in education where creative thinking has been applied for effective learning. It’s possible that just by reading this article you have become more open-minded than most readers! Creative people tend to make good friends since they can always come up with something interesting and fun to do together; but: creativity isn’t always a good thing.

What’s good about creativity?

There are numerous qualities to creativity that make it a worthy attribute. The main reason why we should appreciate creative people is the amazing and unique things they can come up with no matter what they do or where their mind leads them. Since everyone likes to be entertained, we need creative people around in order to keep us constantly amused everyday! That’s not all: research has shown that regular exposure to creativity whether it be visually or audibly increases ones’ ability for art appreciation, which also means an improvement in artistic skills !

Creativity has been associated with intelligence and having general knowledge on many occasions which is great news considering there are always new inventions being made each day. And as we know, innovations have had a great impact on the way we live our lives, so it’s only reasonable that those who create them are recognized for their efforts.

Providing entertainment is one thing: but some people might say that creativity doesn’t have great importance in the grand scheme of things. This might be true unless you take into account inventions which can affect millions of lives and incur a substantial amount of money for humanity (for example, smartphones and computers). The most convincing argument I’ve ever heard to support creativity is its ability to change someone’s mind about something or even make them change their own life !

What’s bad about creativity?

Creativity isn’t all sunshine and rainbows as many people think; although this view may not be accurate since what deemed as good or bad to one person might not be for another. Therefore, I’m going to provide some more in depth arguments below that will hopefully shed some light on the importance of creativity for everyone.

Creativity’s main issue is its ability to negatively affect others without anyone even noticing. For instance: someone may possibly make a video about racial slurs and show it to their friends who might not find anything wrong with it but they could potentially influence others into doing the same thing! The example I just gave was an extreme case but this kind of thing does happen (unfortunately).

Creativity can also have negative effects on your own life (since becoming creative may mean you are losing focus on something). Most people associate creativity with intelligence which normally implies that most creative people are intelligent and have quick minds; but we should not forget that just because someone is quick-minded, it doesn’t mean they can control their own emotions in the best possible way. Normally, creativity and intelligence go hand in hand since both require an open mind as well as good senses.

Creativity has been known to cause some serious anger in artist who don’t feel appreciated enough for their work whether it be by a friend or critic (sometimes both). This anger is generally directed towards other people rather than themselves which means negative feelings aren’t always productive!

On top of all this, being creative might indicate you lack focus on things you should probably be doing. As mentioned before, most creative people have a sharp sense and quick minds which are both great assets when it comes to finding answers; but unfortunately, these two things may not be so helpful in day-to-day life. These people will likely have a hard time focusing on one thing at a time and might end up jumping from task to task as if they had ADD.

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