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Dedication is a great form of expressing your feelings towards someone and writing it out in the open gives them something to look at in the future. Dedication has changed as years have gone by from people dedicating their lives to God, now we dedicate items or writings as a way of showing our affection towards others. Dedications also give us an insight into how far they’ve come since they were originally written.

Anyone who writes should consider writing down their own dedication so that when other people read your book they know what made you write about certain things and why you wrote them in that particular order! Dedications are very sentimental and it is your book so feel free to go on about how much you love writing or how much the other person means to you, etc. Dedicating a book is as simple as just adding Dedication in front of each chapter but there are better ways to show some affection towards someone else than by dedicating a whole book.

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