Dish (food)

grilled meat with green vegetable on black ceramic plate

There are many different terminologies in the culinary world that can be confusing for even experienced chefs. In gastronomy, it is important to understand what exactly we mean by “dish” so as not to confuse ourselves when writing recipes or using certain tools and ingredients. For example, bread is generally called dishes since they fit the definition; however, some people might consider them appetizers rather than main courses due to their small size (and considering those who eat just one).

sliced fruits on white ceramic plate

A dish in gastronomy is specific food preparation with cooking finished and ready to either serve on tableware or eaten out of hand. Still, the bread should not be included because most would agree they are considered an appetizer rather than a meal. Recipes instruct us on how to prepare our dish.

And that’s it. We now know exactly what a dish means in the culinary world, and we will be able to use this information correctly in our recipes, menus, food projects, etc.

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