Plenish Cleanse

Plenish is a business born from personal experience. Our founder set up the business after several years spent working on vacant and becoming ill. Failed by conventional medicine, she started looking for nutritional guidance to rejuvenate her body and build back energy and immunity. Inspired by the energy that smart nutrition (mainly plants) had on regaining her health, Kara became inspired by the power of the ideal foods to not only heal a ruined body, but also her own power to proactively fill up about the good stuff to have the health, power and drive to live a full and active life. Ultimately this leads her to make a portfolio of products which behave as health-hacks for the way we live. She is a champion of proactive health that easily integrates into existence and tastes delicious, maintaining folks running on lots, never vacant. The new vision is to offer you a product set that functions as a catalyst to get a proactive mindset; we stand against the’ words that damage; we believe regarding options, not resolutions; we winner action over response- to live a plenished life.

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