Sandstone is a type of rock made up of sand-sized minerals or grains. It can be any color, but the most common colors are tan, brown, yellow-red, and gray. Sandstones come in all shapes and sizes which makes them an easy material to work with for many different purposes including buildings like schools that need durable exterior surfaces because they’re found everywhere around us! Sandstone is also found in the walls of homes to protect the building from flooding and other natural disasters. Sand-sized grit (lots of tiny pieces of sand mixed with larger particles) or its components, usually quartz and/or feldspar, are dominant minerals in most sandstones. Sandstones are clastic sedimentary rocks composed mainly of grains of quartz or feldspar because these minerals make up much of Earth‘s crust. Sandstone may easily be mistaken for conglomerate which has a similar appearance but consists entirely of pebbles, cobbles or boulders cemented together by finer materials such as mud or silt; it does not have any matrix (the material between the larger rocks).

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