assorted-color security cameras

Surveillance is the act of spying on somebody, with sometimes positive and sometimes negative consequences. It can be done in a way that isn’t seen by anybody else so it can create good or bad results depending on what kind of person they are spying on.

Surveillance is when people watch other people to either help control them for protection purposes, make decisions about how we should change things around us such as education policies if children are performing poorly because their parents aren’t able to spend time reading books together at night before bedtime every day after work while also balancing schoolwork and jobs themselves; surveying has been going down over recent years but this may not have an impact since the culture itself could point towards some sort of decline where kids get bored and not interested and so when they’re in school because of the lack of attention they get from their parents, or maybe there are other factors at work such as having television and internet connections that brings kids away from books into a virtual world where everything is provided instantly.

Some good surveillance examples include: Police can watch if someone is breaking a law and arrest them so they can’t do it again and put the law-breaker in jail or prison; store owners might watch if someone is shoplifting, or children who are bullied at school may be watched by a teacher to make sure they’re OK.

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