Threadneedle Prize

Threadneedle Prize Winner 2012 Ben Greener - "My Feet"

Image: Threadneedle Prize Winner 2012. Ben Greener - "My Feet".

The Threadneedle Prize for painting and sculpture is a prestigious art prize, which showcases the best work in contemporary paintings. It was launched by The Mall Galleries Ltd in 2008 to provide an opportunity at winning one of their largest awards--$25 thousand dollars cash! This award can be won by any living artist who lives or works within Great Britain; however it does have some restrictions so make sure you read carefully before applying .

Another benefit is that winners of the Threadneedle Prize are given the opportunity to sell their work through The Mall Galleries. This is an important factor for any artist to take into consideration because art can be expensive and can be seen as a risky investment if it doesn't sell.

"This award has received huge amounts of media interest because the winner gets $25,000 to buy new work with. It's quite unusual for an art prize to offer cash."

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