Pros & Cons of Makeup Direct Sales

Pink Cadillacs, making money via home parties and staying current on all the latest in the beauty industry are among the draws for engaging in makeup direct sales. Some of the most prominent companies employing this model have been around forever, primarily because their business is built upon honest dealings. However, there are some nefarious individuals out there too, looking to prey upon your need to generate an income. Keep this in mind as you consider these pros and cons of makeup direct sales.

Pro: Good Income Potential

Yes, you absolutely can make money this way. In most cases, you build out an organization of likeminded people who also sell, called your downline. When they make sales, you get paid, which supplements the revenue from your own sales—increasing your income potential.

Con: Most People Don’t Make It

While it’s true good opportunities do exist; there are also a lot of scams out there. Additionally, for every new pink Cadillac, there are a whole lot of old brown Corollas. Like every other business, some people do make terrific incomes, but most people see only modest ones.

Pro: Low Startup Costs

In many cases, you can get into a makeup direct sales situation with a minimal financial investment. This reduces the risk of failure considerably, as long as you have another source of income while you build your business. Because they’re designed to be home-based, you won’t need a commercial space to sell makeup. Plus, the parent organization typically provides the marketing materials you’ll need, as well as sales tracking, commission data and customer management.

Con: Pressure to Recruit Others

To a large extent, the makeup direct sales business model (like any multi-level marketing opportunity) is predicated upon attracting a steady stream of new representatives. As a result, some people are exceptionally aggressive about recruiting others to join them, which has given the industry a bad reputation. This can make it tough to get others to join you and render the product difficult to sell.

Pro: The Ability to Work on Your Terms

You can set your own hours, choose the people with whom you work and enjoy entertaining, even while you earn an income. If you need to work around raising a family you can be home when the children arrive from school and make it to all of their events. In other words, you can work as much, or as little, as you’d like.

Con: It Doesn’t Happen Automatically

To paraphrase James Brown, you’ll pay the cost to be the boss. Hosting parties, attending seminars, buying sample product, wooing recruits and selling product all take time and money. Anybody saying you’ll make money in your spare time with no investment at all is lying. You’ll earn every penny. Yes, if you have a strong organization underneath you, you can make money in your sleep. Problem is—if you want to see huge success—you’ll be so busy building it and managing it you’ll seldom sleep.

With all of that said, yes, you can make money this way. But before you dive in the deep end, take some time to consider the pros and cons of direct makeup sales so you know what you’re getting into. Also, before you sign with a company, investigate its reputation and read everything before you sign on the dotted line. Be certain you understand every aspect of the agreement and can walk away with no financial obligation should it turn out to be not for you.