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Brazilian Sugaring Vs Shaving: Which is a Better Option?

woman having hair removal procedure on leg applying wax strip depilatory in salon. depilation concept

Sugaring, waxing, hair removal creams and shaving are among the popular methods used to remove unwanted hair from the body. All these methods have their own set of pros and cons based on which women decide as to which method to opt for. When it comes to sensitive spots such as the bikini area it becomes very important to choose the hair removal procedure wisely as opting for the wrong method can have repercussions you wouldn't want to face. Brazilian sugaring wax is gaining popularity lately however many women still choose shaving when it comes to the bikini area.

Here is a clear demarcation between Brazilian sugaring and shaving. The idea is to help you understand the pros and cons of each of these procedures so that you can decide as to which one suits you better. So, let's get started:

Brazilian Sugaring Wax

Sugaring is conducted using a smooth paste prepared with organic ingredients that are soft on the skin. This is why it is considered extremely safe to be used on any part of the body. It can simply be warmed and applied to the bikini area and thereafter pulled quickly to get a soft, supple skin devoid of unwanted hair. Hair is removed from its root using this procedure. This is the reason why it takes time for the hair to re-grow. You don't need to worry about the re-growth of hair for 2-3 weeks post the procedure.

Hair, on the bikini area, are quite hard. However, conducting Brazilian sugaring wax procedure regularly makes them thinner and weaker and also reduces their growth.

It is suggested to book an appointment at a reputed salon to get this treatment done by experts.


Most women opt for the method of shaving to get rid of the unwanted hair on the bikini area. While shaving can easily be conducted at home this procedure can become quite daunting as it needs to be conducted almost every day to ensure hairless and clean skin. This is because shaving does not pull the hair from the roots instead it cuts them by the surface of the skin. Since the procedure is conducted with sharp blades there are chances of incurring cuts and scratches that can be quite painful. Besides, you may even experience hyper-pigmentation as a side effect of this treatment.

Another downside of this procedure is that it makes the already thick hair on the bikini area even thicker.

Many women around the world opt for the method of shaving when it comes to bikini area mainly because it can be done at home even though sugaring is a far better option as it rids the skin of unwanted hair leaving it absolutely clean and soft for weeks. If you are not comfortable booking a salon appointment for Brazilian wax then you can go ahead and conduct it at home. Just get home a good quality sugaring kit and go through few online tutorials to learn the easy steps to conduct the procedure.