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Peace, Will You Play With Me?

Deeply disturbed by Trump’s suggestion to build a wall, I drew a wordless picture book about Wall (War) and Please (Peace).

“Peace, Will You Play With Me?” is a story about how adults build walls of separation that kids easily bring down through their love and innocence.

PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 01

PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 02PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 03

PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 04

PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 05

PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 06

PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 07

PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 08

PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 09

PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 10

PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 11

PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 12PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 13

PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 14

PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 15PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 16

PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 17

PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 18

PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 19

PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 20

PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 21

PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 22

PeaceWillYouPlayWithMe 23

For even the toughest walls shall not stand strong when faced with a child’s innocence.And remember… as kids, no one was an Enemy. And anyone with a toy is Friend.

“May the walls of separation no longer stand before us.”

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