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A Tiny Cabin On The Greece-Turkey Border Produces 100% of Its Own Energy

Istanbul-based studio SO? Architecture & Ideas has created a little off-grid cabin ideal for reconnecting with the outdoors. As a contemporary take on the classical cabin vernacular, this tiny, sustainably minded construction is outfitted with solar panels and a rainwater catchment system in addition to a flexible interior layout. Invented to catch the”back-to-nature” aesthetic, the 194-square-foot […] More

Illustrated Portraits By Viktor Miller-Gausa

An illustrator Viktor Miller-Gausa from Russia is a gifted illustrator began doing caricatures as a bet from his friend and today has developed his talents to the point at which he captures real emotion in his funny work. “Once, my buddy Eugene said that I couldn’t draw a caricature. I said I’ll do it.” He decided to invest 31 […] More