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Artist Matthew Shlian creates handmade 3D paper sculptures

Matthew Shlian’s sculptures look like a machine created them, but they are actually meticulously created by hand from the paper. The artist chooses colors, so they form a shape with three-dimensional depth. Shlian defines himself as a “paper engineer” and creates his work from various types of paper from delicate pastels to reflective metals. “From […] More

Ten of the most creative makeups ideas you should try this Halloween

We associate Halloween with the strangest decorations of homes and streets, various costumes, and scare makeups. We plan the whole look long before the night.On the internet we can find the whole bunch of tutorials: how to turn into a zombie or a princess with an ax in her head, not forgetting about artificial blood […] More

A Recent Installation In California Is Full Of Dandelions To Process Your Wish

A recent two-day installment in Commerce, California afforded visitors a chance to appraise and deposit their secret wishes. Dandelions, which was organized by the unidentified artist group The Art Department, happened in an administrative building in the Laguna Bell electric substation from May 11-12, 2019. The hollow area was transformed to a secret desire processing […] More