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Anna Mantzaris’ Quirky Stop Motion Explores Inner Desire to Lose Control

Swedish director Anna Mantzaris has a penchant for its darkly humous as noticed in her 2012 movie “But Milk is Important.” Her latest brief ENOUGH was created throughout her first year in the Royal College of Art where she graduated earlier this season. The stop-motion film follows several kind-looking personalities as they snap during regular […] More

Şakir Gökçebağ’s New Installation Features Oddly Arranged Household Objects

Turkish-born visual artist Şakir Gökçebağ deconstructs everyday objects, often eradicating their initial performance in order to form entertaining installations. His works are made from items one could find around the house like hula hoops, brooms, toilet paper rolls, and pairs of worn out shoes. The later set of altered footwear spans more than 15 years […] More

Indian Artists Took 365 Challenge to Create One Paper Cut a Day

Indian paper artists Nayan Shrimali and Vaishali Chudasama have set out to build 365 small bird species by the end of 2018. To form each job, the set begins by cutting edge feathers, beaks, and talons in layers of paper and using watercolor to generate additional detail. Despite the functions’ small size (a number of […] More

Photo Manipulations of “Hybrid Cities” by Margarita Zhitnik & Duck Knees

Digital artist Margarita Zhitnik collaborated with art director Duck Knees to create these unbelievable mashups of iconic places for Expedia. “If you’ve watched Disney’s animated feature Big Hero 6, you are knowledgeable about the city of San Fransokyo — a mash-up between San Francisco and Tokyo. Well, the view of the Golden Gate Bridge amidst […] More

Mind Boggling Timepiece Converts Motion Into Alluring Patterns

Relying on the systematic motion of the second’s hand, the Humism converts that practical cyclical motion to some more decorative, more alluring, more amazing. Inspired by the kinetic art movement of the 50s, the Humism watch rejects the idea that time should be about amounts and measuring units, but instead than motion, because time as […] More

These Portraits Of “Imperfect” Rescue Dogs That Will Inspire Your Day

Alex Cearn was a police officer. But after having a radical career change, she now works as the Creative Director of Houndstooth Studio, a studio specializing in taking animal portraits. These days, she could be seen armed with a camera and shooting photographs of puppies. She uses her work to capture uplifting moments when interacting […] More

Jakub Rebelka’s Cyberpunk And Fantasy Illustrations

Jakub Rebelka‘s work resembles a cross between a stained-glass window along with a colorful manga — it’s classic, in a sense, using a horizontal, intricately detailed fashion, but it also blurs the line between science fiction and fantasy in a way that’s absolutely stunning. Drawing is about the only thing he ever envisioned doing; Rebelka’s […] More

An Artist Reimagined Human Body Microbiome as Paper Cut Out Sculptures

Practicing the visual metaphor of a coral reef, artist Rogan Brown introduces his audience into the diverse bacteria, archaea, fungi within the human body via paper-based sculptures. The detailed works are created after months of study and hunting for aesthetic parallels which may link the two surprisingly similar worlds. His series Magical Circle Variations merge […] More

Mobile Exhibition House in Austrian Mountains by Innauer-Matt Architekten

In Austria‘s Bregenz Forest, Innauer-Matt Architekten has designed a mobile exhibition house for Kaspar Greber, a timber construction company. The temporary pavilion has been made to display Kaspar Greber’s product and its potential to visitors. The’Ausstellungshaus’ offers a sensorial experience: you see the substance, you can touch and smell it. The contemporary wooden area is […] More