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How To Prepare For The GMAT

Many students are interested in getting an MBA degree since it will help them get a high paying management job. Others have opted in taking online MBA program since it is convenient especially to those who are working. One of the most important considerations for getting admission to a college for your MBA degree is your GMAT score. While most students prepare for their exam alone, it is advisable to get the help of a GMAT tutor to review the preparation for the exam, to get professional feedback on the strength and weakness of the student. This will help the student to focus on the subjects they are not scoring well in more efficiently and get a better score in the exam. Other tips which can help improve the students GMAT score are:


To prevent being stressed just before the exam, it is advisable to make all the preparations well in advance. A day before the exam the student should verify the date, time, and the location of the exam testing center. You should also plan how you will reach the exam center, the route which should be taken, and the mode of transportation. It is advisable to check if there are traffic jams on the route, so that you can start earlier if required. You should also locate the identity proof which will be required before taking the exam and ensure that it complies with the GMAT requirement for identity confirmation.

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Lack of sleep can adversely affect the memory and cognitive ability of the student taking the test hence the student should ensure that they are well rested. They should leave well in advance so that they reach the testing center at least 45 minutes before the scheduled time. It is also important to eat well, because being hungry can affect concentration. Students can also get food to keep in the locker provided which they can eat between the breaks if they are feeling hungry.

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Know the Rules

It is also important to ensure that the student complies with the GMAT rules and do not carry cell phones, calculators, does not have friends, relatives waiting. At the exam venue, the student will have to show their government issued identification to the supervisor and sign in. In some cases, a digital photograph and palm scan will also be taken. Then the student can start the GMAT test which is of duration three hours, and students are allowed two breaks of eight minutes each. A scratchpad and a marker will also be provided to the student so that they can take notes if required. Students are not allowed to leave the test without taking permission. After the last answer has been submitted, students will receive their unofficial score for all sections except the analytical essay part.

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Use Your Time Wisely

It is advisable to make the best of the resources available on the testing day to get the highest score possible. The optional eight minutes break can be used to have a snack, drink, go to the bathroom or stretch the limbs. It is important to keep track of how the time is being spent, and not waste too much time on a specific answer. In case the student is not sure of the answer, they should consider guessing and moving on. It is also advisable for the student to take notes on the scratchpad (which is being provided) since it is easier to review the information. It is also important to remain calm while taking the test to get a good GMAT score.

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