Max Polyakov Sets Up Support Centre For Us Army Veterans And Their Families

Max Polyakov’s Noosphere

Max Polyakov was born in Ukraine and was brought to the United States as a toddler. His parents left their hometown of Cherkassy, Ukraine while he was three-years-old to search for greener pastures. Their search landed them in America and they were determined to give Max Polyakov the best.

Max Polyakov followed his father’s advice and learned hard at school. He always focussed on being a good student and he worked hard to impress his family and teachers. Max Polyakov soon got acquainted with the American way of living and enjoyed living there. Max also enjoyed being in school and it showed in his desire to always be the best. Max Polyakov did not only desire to be the best but he worked hard at it. Pretty soon, he became the best student in school and all his friends envied him. Since Max Polyakov was such a star pupil, he was regularly picked to participate in school quizzes during which he always managed to make his parents and school proud.

Memorial Day Quiz

It was during the memorial day quiz that Max found a love for the United States Army. Max Polyakov found out that he was selected to represent the school at a quiz and debate organised by the school in honour of the people who fought in the American army. Max Polyakov researched all of his facts and memorised his speech so well that when the day came, he was easily the winner of the debate. His father, who had helped him so much, was very proud of him.

The love that Max Polyakov developed for the United States Army grew exponentially as he matured and by the time he was eighteen, he told his father about his decision to apply. His father, although worried about the future, supported his decision. That was how Max Polyakov joined the army.

The Support Centre for Veterans

Several years down the line after being deployed to many places including Afghanistan and Africa, Max Polyakov felt the need to help fellow veterans like himself who had been through the worst experiences while they served the United States. Max Polyakov knew that there was not enough support for many of these men so he decided to set up a support centre of his own in Virginia and named it ‘Noosphere’.

Max Polyakov’s Noosphere was of tremendous help to several of the veterans who visited the place. They were offered psychological as well as financial and emotional help to enable them to ease back into normalcy. The support centre grew and soon enough they were able to hire several volunteers to make work easy. Max Polyakov was proud of the way he could help other veterans achieve a better standard of living through his organisation.

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