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The Best Hair Loss Treatment: 5 Things To Consider Before Choosing

The hair is a person’s crowning glory and it’s a source of confidence and pride for most people. The most common causes of thinning hairline or hair loss include genetic predisposition, hormonal changes such as menopause or use of birth control pills, and medical conditions like scalp infection, thyroid disease.

You probably have tried several hair loss products, such as shampoo and prescribed medications, but you may not satisfied with the results. Now, you’re looking forward to trying hair loss treatment such as laser light therapy or hair replacement surgery. Before you try another method, here are some factors you need to consider before deciding on the best hair loss treatment: You may have considered wearing a human hair wig from one piece hair extensions to hair closures.

1. Doctor’s Advice

It’s always sensible and imperative to see a doctor, someone who is specialized with hair loss treatments, such as a hair loss specialist from Vera Clinic. Your doctor can explain the different hair transplant options available, such as:
Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT. It is a traditional method of hair transplantation, wherein it involves removing a strip of skin that serves as a donor graft. This type of hair transplant is less used nowadays because of the invasiveness of the procedure.
• Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE. It involves individually removing donor grafts from the side or back of the scalp and replanted in the bald areas, with minimal scarring. This hair transplant method is very popular and widely practised because it is less invasive than FUT and the recovery period is faster.

Here are other pieces of advice you’ll get from a doctor:
• Benefits and side-effects of traditional hair loss medications like Minoxidil and Finasteride
• Get an in-depth explanation about available alternative treatments to hair loss
• Get an expert’s advice on hair transplantation aftercare or recovery tips

2. Your Needs and Preferences

With a nice looking hair, you always want to become the best version of yourself. While an expert doctor can present available options to treat your hair loss, the final decision is still in your hands.

That’s why you need to know your needs and wants by asking yourself the following questions:
• What is the stage of my hair loss?
• Do I have the means and time to commit to a prescribed regimen?
• What are my expectations from the prospective hair loss treatment?
• How much time do I need to set for the aftercare or recovery period?

3. Safety and Good Guarantee

The scalp tissue is very delicate with plenty of blood vessels involved. That is why scalp and hair treatments should be done right from the very first time to avoid damaging the underlying tissues that might jeopardize the growth of new healthy hair. It’s important to have a guarantee for the chances of success, otherwise, you might end up getting bald permanently than actually growing new strands of hairs.

While there’s no guarantee as claimed by many manufacturers and treatment centers, you can research on a particular hair loss treatment you are interested in to ensure safety and effectiveness such as:
• Checking the ‘before’ and ‘after’ results or portfolio of a surgeon
• Reading online reviews or customer testimonials
• Interviewing previous clients
• Comparing the products and services offered by different companies
• Asking a second opinion from a specialist
• Knowing the terms and conditions of a product or service

4. Doctor’s Reputation and Credibility

If you’re considering undergoing a surgical procedure to treat hair loss, you have to consider essential things to make it worthwhile in the long-term, such as the doctor’s reputation and credibility. Here are some of the ways how you can check:
• Check the surgeon’s affiliation with a professional organization like the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
• Face-to-face consultation with your prospective doctor to discuss your desired hair coverage and expectations
• Know the best clinic facilities that observe the highest standards of cleanliness and care by visiting the clinic
• Ask your doctor about the chances of success and failure of the procedure
• Know the possible side effects or drawbacks of a hair loss treatment

5. Price

You’ll find some offered hair loss treatment options too good to be true. The cost of a procedure depends on several factors such as the extent of hair coverage, supplies, and equipment to be used, and the expertise and popularity of the doctor or treatment clinic. The price also involves whether the procedure is invasive or not, the innovativeness and advancement of the procedure and facility, and comprehensive aftercare. Here’s how to check if the price of the treatment is reasonable:
• Compare the costs of the most trusted and reputable hair loss treatment clinics
• Check the products and services included in a package
• Take note any additional fees or charges, as well as upfront fees


By considering the aforementioned factors, you’ll be able to come up with a smart and informed decision. You’ll be happy with the results and enjoy your new hair and a new look. By knowing what to expect in a hair loss procedure, it prevents false expectations which usually lead to mistrust, frustration or major disappointment. Now, you’re more confident and equipped with the right information to choose the best hair loss treatment for you.

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