The DWI Guys: Why You Should Always Hire An Attorney When You’re Charged

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Facing DWI charges can often become a frightening experience. This is true, especially when you avoid hiring a lawyer just to keep yourself from spending more money. However, the question of whether getting legal help is essential depends on the severity of your case and the confidence you have for the legal system.  

For DWI cases, it’s always recommended to seek for representation in court. So, here’s why you should hire an attorney when you’re charged.

  1.    The law can be complicated.

Understanding the law by yourself can be treacherous. It’s like forcing yourself to eat something that you can’t chew in the first place. Not only that, you’ll also probably deal with so much pain and confusion navigating a law that only lawyers understand.

Since the DUI/DWI laws are continually changing, you need the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer like the ones at DWI Guy to navigate the law and help you prevent from getting trapped in all possible legal loopholes along the way. That’s because they have valuable years of experience and practice of the law involved.

  1.    Procedures are followed properly.

Fighting a criminal case can be tough. There’s a lot of paperwork and procedures to follow from start to finish. However, you can’t do all these things on your own because you need the expertise of an attorney to figure out the best way to defend your rights and interests.

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If you want to win the case and drop all the charges against you, having someone to represent you in all court proceedings can be beneficial. After all, the court processes include rigid deadlines and step-by-step procedures that need to be adequately followed to improve your chances of getting a favorable verdict. So, seek legal representation as soon as you’re charged and let your attorney come up with a strong defense for you.

  1.    An attorney can go through every piece of evidence.

Drunk driving is one of the most dangerous things you can do as a driver. Not only that, most states also impose strict penalties on those who are caught driving while intoxicated. That’s the reason why dealing with a DWI charge isn’t easy. You need to sort through and verify a lot of evidence to create a good argument in your favor.

Unfortunately, the handling of evidence during trials can only be done correctly with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Thus, it’s wise to hire someone who can examine every piece of evidence. Doing so can help you detect any inconsistencies and fabrications in the evidence presented by the prosecution.

Likewise, your lawyer should also make sure that the evidence you submit is accurate and irrefutable so it’ll really stand up in the criminal court.

  1.    They have easy access to experts and professionals.

If you’re looking to improve your credibility in court, it’s essential to have a qualified lawyer who has many resources at their disposal. These include professional connections that can help you build your defense such as private investigators, police authorities, and even medical practitioners. These people are vital for winning a DWI case since it’s also based on physical evidence.

  1.     An attorney can avoid driver’s license suspension.

Apart from the time behind bars, a DWI conviction can also result in the suspension of your driver’s license. However, when you have a lawyer to represent you in the case, the possibility of getting this penalty is reduced. After all, having your driver’s license gives you the ability to drive. Being an essential privilege, attorneys will make sure it’ll not be taken away from you quickly.

  1.    They can help keep you out of prison.

In most states, people who are convicted of DWI receive prison time as a severe penalty. Thus, if you’ve been arrested and charged for it, consider calling an attorney to help you out right away.

With their knowledge about the laws concerning DUI/DWI, they may help keep you from spending time behind bars. There’s nothing more important than your freedom, so don’t hesitate to ask legal help when the freedom is on the red line.

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  1.    You have nothing to lose.

There’s nothing wrong with calling an attorney and asking about your case. Some DWI lawyers provide a free consultation over the phone. Even with a quick phone call, you can get insights as to how you should go on with your case.

Using their advice or recommendations, you’ll be able to weigh the possible risks of going solo in handling your situation.


Have a peace of mind with your legal matters by considering these reasons. By now, you should find the right DWI attorney for your case. Just do your homework research, ask around, and choose the one who will represent you in all stages of the proceedings. Time is of the essence, so get started now.