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The Firefly TV Critic – Max Polyakov Turns into a Screenwriter in an Amazing Evolution

Watching movies will definitely teach you one thing or two about life, no matter the type of movie. One man named Max Polyakov is so interested in movies that at 7, he has watched a lot of TV series. Some of them made significant impacts on his life, especially those blockbusters like “Casino,” that led him into gambling. At his first attempt, Max Polyakov won $1,000 at JoyCasino Ltd. With the money, he took care of some needs. He also got a plasma TV, so that he can enjoy his favourite movies and TV series. He also continued gambling and eventually won enough money to become a movie critique.

Max Polyakov is talented in critiquing movies. But to be proficient in conveying his thoughts, and to give valuable reviews, he had to take some classes in review writing. Max Polyakov remembers ‘Firefly’ as one of his favourites. It’s based on a book by George Orwell, which centred on how a war was used by authoritarians to keep the citizens in constant fear.


Max Polyakov’s Firefly Episodes Review

Because of his love for Firefly, movie critic Max Polyakov started writing reviews on every episode. He dropped these firefly reviews on the leading movie review sites. However, he discovered that some expert critiques were employed to talk about the intricacies of the Firefly movie. So, max studied them and their firefly critique style and created a blog where he reviewed each firefly episode every week with a blog post.

Max Polyakov garnered more subscribers and readers in his blog, and because of the Firefly reviews success, he started contemplating writing a movie script. He later found out that this is a huge ambition that he can’t accomplish at his level of movie writing competence if he were to attract a big name movie director.

He spent the entire 2016 trying to write some that that will qualify as a TV series movie. He centred it on his father that died when he was young. He goes by the name Max Polyakov and served in the US army, with deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Max Polyakov still wants this to come out the same way the firefly motion pictures come out. He chose an approach that will get the viewer glued to the screen, even if negative. Negativity brings in emotions and makes people want to watch to the end. He made it in such a way that his father is a war hero who leads through ideas as against an authoritarian. He didn’t want to focus more on the ‘Rambo’ like superhero character, but on that ‘Apocalypse Now’ type. It will reveal how war is used for monetary benefits with no regard to those sent to die in the war front.

Because of these ideas, Max Polyakov chose “Alternatives for everyone,” as the name of the movie script. Here, the military officer was sent to Iraq after the 9/11 bombing and he vowed to bring down the dictator that caused the pain to his people. Max Polyakov tried to portray the pains of patriots and the fact that the protagonists understand who they are really up against.

But this will sound like a conspiracy theory. So, he focused more on the army officer’s life and struggles. It would mean scenes of his family waiting for him to come back when he is on a mission and is not enough for Max Polyakov. So, he had to bring in another lady character scolding his mother as she goes through the wait, struggles and heartbreaks of being a military wife.


The First Amateur Movie Script from Max Polyakov

Max’s script caught the attention of an unknown director in Vegas. He saw the potential in the work and they reached a deal. They went to Hollywood and met with some interested sponsors, and that was when max started believing that he can succeed in this endeavour. Due to legal hitches, he hired a lawyer to keep his path in the cinematography world clear.

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