The Best Online Photo Editors of 2018

Whether you just enjoy taking photos with your smartphone or you’re a professional photographer, the best way to get the most out of your art is by using an online photo editor. Sometimes it’s easier to just do the work online; maybe you don’t have enough free space on your computer or maybe you just don’t wanna go through the whole process of downloading and installing software. But before you get to work, make sure to choose one of the best internet service providers that allows you to fully take advantage of the services offered by these platforms. Here are some of the best online photo editors of 2018:

Pixlr Editor

The vast majority of online photo editors only offer you a few tools that don’t exactly do much, kind of like the Instagram editing features. Well, when it comes to Pixlr Editor, its features and functionalities are very similar to the ones offered by desktop photo editors. Masks, layers, clone stamps and the selection tool are just a few of all the amazing tools that you can use on this platform in order to get the best out of your pictures.

The only thing that you need to remember is that you have to use a browser that supports Flash. Other than that, Pixlr is believed to be the best free online photo editor because it stands out with all the features that it makes available.

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

It is a well-known fact that Photoshop is the world-leading software when it comes to photo editing. Well, Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is a trimmed-down version of it, that offers you a good amount of the features available on the original app. One thing that you should keep in mind is that the pictures that you upload on the website should not be bigger than 16MB and should be in JPG format. 

Popular tools that you would find in Photoshop are also integrated in this online platform. Some of them are: the healing brush tool, the burn, sharpen and soften tools, the pop color tool and many more.


This one is more used by people who are only editing their pictures in order to share them on social media. Even though the platform won’t allow you to upload pictures bigger than 8MB, the editor will automatically resize your photo if it’s too large. If you want to use the more advanced features and functionalities of the online platform, you can always upgrade to a premium user, which is definitely worth it. But even without it, what Fotor has to offer is still impressive.  

Photographers really appreciate some of the features available on this platform, like makeup and tooth whitening or the wrinkle-smoothing tool, so the best features of this platform are definitely the tools for boosting portraits.

We live in the digital era, where everything is shared on social media and every aspect of our lives is basically public. Given this fact, why not do everything we can in order to enhance our photos? And there’s no need to download and install complicated software that might require money, you can just use one of the free online platforms above.


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