Giving Tokio a Candy-Colored Tint by shooting hyper-saturated photographs

Photographer Ludwig Favre takes a glimpse at Tokyo and captures the city with his original visual style. Pops of color shine throughout these extra-saturated pictures, giving Tokio and additional jolt of energy. By night and by day, Favre forced himself in the city environment and used his camera to capture Tokyo's best shots. Effects are up-to-date look at life in the capital of Japan. Despite the already colorful palette that Tokyo has, Favre successfully rendered even more significant shades thanks to his vision. Red, aquamarine, and bright white contrasts with the orange colors fill his photos. Some of the photographs show the unknown sides of the city; others present places like Tokyo Tower. In all of his shots, Tokyo's architecture is the main thing.
He wanted to connect human presence with architecture in his compositions. It was supposed to be his demonstration of small areas carved out for people in this enormous and overpopulated city.
His goal was to shine a fresh and new light on both the modern and traditional parts of Tokyo. Uniting these elements was possible by using saturated colors. The French artist put his visible mark on an urban environment. If you are intrigued by his fine art prints - go to visit his webshop.