3 Biggest First-Year Marriage Mistakes Couples Make

Talking to any newlywed couple, they probably tell you that one of the first feelings they shared was relief once the entire wedding planning was complete. After all the chaos packed into a 24-hour day or a 72-hour weekend – most couples just want to settle into their normal, married life and do the things that brought them close as a couple. However, after that romantic yet stressful period, most newlyweds have to face another reality – the first year of marriage.


Not Discussing Money

This is not the best of topics, for instance, when dealing with a credit card bill for your tea-length bridesmaid dresses | Azazie had designed, other wedding-related expenses and the honeymoon. As soon as you start to share the last name, both of you also start to share financial responsibilities that are likely to impact whether you’ll be able to purchase a home, to save money and much more.

Money talk is always difficult and many newlyweds avoid it, especially during the marital bliss period since it can lead to arguments. However, one of the benefits of getting into a financial partnership is having two incomes and sharing expenses. Couples who avoid talking about finances create a harmful pattern where one is in the dark about money. Such relationship suffers, and the distrust and resentment eventually bring the marriage down.

To get to a better start, set aside some time every week or month to get everything out in the open. Establishing when and how you talk about finances will ensure you’re on the same page, making things manageable.

Forgetting The Small Gestures

Often the silly, small and simple gestures are what keeps a relationship alive. Don’t forget to pick up your loved one’s favorite breakfast from time to time. Make sure to nurture the behaviour that made that person fall in love with you, and vice versa.</p>

This may sound trivial as you’ll have more pressing matters to attend to, such as looking into investing in your first home, for example at or at, but experts argue that those small gestures make the stressful times more manageable. Most people stop trying after they get married since they’ve sealed the deal. However, it’s always a good idea to have date nights, send flowers or give each other little gifts for no reason.

Not Communicating About Annoying Things

>No matter whether you knew you would marry your partner the first day you met, there are going to be a few habits that drive you up the wall. For example, forgetting to use the coaster, leaving a banana peel on the counter and many other minor irritations. You won’t know about these little habits until you start living with your partner. Communicating your feelings is critical for a happy marriage.

;”>People within the first year of marriage think these little misdemeanors should be ignored. However, the truth is quite the opposite. Always speak up and try to resolve all the issues you have, no matter how minute they may appear. For they may turn into irreconcilable differences.