Preparing for Cisco Exams


If you are hoping to obtain Cisco Certified Network Associate, or CCNA, status, Cisco has a certification program to assist you in making the most out of your efforts. Practical knowledge and hands-on experience are absolute necessities, of course, as well as passing Cisco certification examinations.

Some people who do well with hands-on become anxious when exam time comes, and knowing the probable format of the exam is often a real stress-reducer. It is easier to focus on studying for a test if you are not spending your time worrying about “what is the test going to be like?”

Cisco exams consist of a variety of question types. These include multiple choice with single or multiple answers, simulations, fill-in-the-blanks, and “drag-and-drop”. It is helpful to take these question types into account, and then find a study method you feel will be most useful, taking into account your personal learning style.

First of all, make good use of the Internet. You can find countless internet forums, articles on Cisco Exams, practice tests, and so on. If you are having trouble with a particular topic, forums are often a great way to get an answer you understand. Sometimes it just takes the right person answering a certain way to make the answer “click”.

A good study guide is an excellent tool. “Cheaper” does not always mean “bargain”. It often means “meager” or “useless”. Do your homework before investing in a study course, then make good and frequent use of it.

Practice tests are quite useful, and timed tests are great for persons who worry about being able to complete the exam in the allotted time.