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Artist Sean Yoro Paints New Seaside Mural That Changes With Tide Levels

Artist Sean Yoro, aka Hula, seems to be more convenient on his paddle board than on the ground, placing murals in hard to reach places, like bridges and the side of a sinking ship. He has newly created another marvelous painting using the same unique practice. Hula found an old sunken ship off the coast of Hawaii and modified the rusty boat into an aquatic art gallery with his piece titled Ho’i Mai (translation: Come Back). The larger-than-life mural features a woman whose head and arm rise from the water’s edge, reaching towards the sky.


This hyper-realistic portrait varies depending on the height of the tide. When the water is low, the woman’s body is visible. As the water rises, her face becomes hidden, and the hand stands as an uncanny beacon to those riding the ocean waves.






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